Friday, April 09, 2010

Irish women's inter-provincial matches

Munster in driving seat at The Island with two wins while Leinster take point against Connacht which leaves Munster, Leinster and Ulster all in contention going into the final day....
Points table after day 2
Munster 2 (12 matches won)
Leinster 1 (10 matches won)
Ulster 1 (9 matches won)
Connacht 0 (4 matches won)
Draw for Day 3
Friday 9th April

Ulster -v- Connacht
08:30 Victoria Bradshaw & Louise Coffey -v- Niamh Kitching & Sarah Helly
08:40 Charlene Reid & Gemma McClenaghan -v- Anne McCormack & Ailbhe Farrell
08:50 Nikki Currie & Tara Gribbon -v- Kate Gallagher & Holly Robinson

Leinster -v- Munster
08:35 Rachel Cassidy & Deirdre Smith -v- Gillian O'Leary & Sarah Cunningham
08:45 Mary Dowling & Aedin Murphy -v- Laura McCarthy & Sarah Crowe
08:55 Karen Delaney & Ciara Butler -v- Linda Toomey & Ciara Butler
Results for Day 2 -
Thursday 8th April
Munster 5 Ulster 4
Gillian O'Leary & Sarah Cunningham lost to Victoria Bradshaw & Louise Coffey 4&3
Laura McCarthy & Sarah Crowe beat Charlene Reid & Gemma McGlenaghan by 1 up
Linda Toomey & Karen O'Neill beat Nikki Currie & Tara Gribben 2&1
Gillian O'Leary lost to Victoria Bradshaw by 1 hole
Laura McCarthy bt Louise Coffey 5&4
Aoife Lowry lost to Charlene Reid by 1 hole
Sarah Crowe lost to Gemma McClenaghan 4&3
Linda Toomey bt Tara Gribben 3&2
Sarah Cunningham bt Lucy Simpson 5&4

Ulster's top pairing of Victoria Bradshaw and Louise Coffey impressed with a series of birdies that left Munster on the back foot with a 4 and 3 loss. However, the young Munster pair of Laura McCarthy and Sarah Crowe were dormie 3 up and despite Ulster's Charlene Reid and Gemma McClenaghan having 4 birides in the last 5 holes the Munster pair managed to hold for the win by halving the 18th in birdies.
Munster claimed three singles matches against Ulster to ensure the overall point in tense afternoon singles at The Island. Munster looked dominant from the off with Gillian O'Leary in the top match three up through 11, however young Ulster star Victoria Bradshaw birdied 17 and 18 to win by 1 hole.
Laura McCarthy who has made an excellent transititon to the senior ranks won her match for Munster and teammates Linda Toomey and Sarah Cunningham followed suit. Meanwhile current International Charlene Reid and Gemma McClenaghan won good matches for Ulster which could prove vital if a count back of matches won is needed to decide the title.

Leinster 7 Connacht 1
Louise Mernagh & Ciara Butler bt Niamh Kitching & Sarah Helly 2&1
Rachel Cassidy & Deirdre Smith bt Anne McCormack & Ailbhe Farrell 5&4
Karen Delaney & Maria Dunne bt Doireann Carney & Holly Robinson 5&4
Rachel Cassidy bt Anne McCormack 4&3
Karen Delaney bt Holly Robinson 6&5
Ciara Butler lost to Niamh Kitching 4&3
Deirdre Smith halved with Sarah Helly Aedin Murphy bt Shauna Brady 7&6
Maria Dunne lost to Kate Gallagher by 1 hole

Leinster do not want to relinquish their trophy too easily and came out all guns blazing to whitewash Connacht in the foursomes. The relatively inexperienced pair of Louise Mernagh and Ciara Butler dove tailed well in their win which included an eagle on the par 5 third hole.
Rachel Cassidy's home advantage paid dividend for Leinster. Cheered on by The Island supporters she led her team with a fine 4 and 3 win and was followed in by teammates Karen Delaney and Aedin Murphy who both recorded wins by impressive margins. Niamh Kitching gave Connacht their first win of the day which spurred on teammates Sarah Helly who halved against Deirdre Smith and Kate Gallagher who was level against Maria Dunne playing 18 and won the match.