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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jamie Blake from Arbroath, enjoying life and golf at Post State University, Waterbury, Connecticutt.
Arbroath student appointed captain

of Post University, US golf team

Jamie Blake from Arbroath has been promoted to captain of the Post University men's golf team, New York State after a successful autumn season on the American college golf circuit.
Head coach Pete Stevens said: "Jamie really stepped up and led the team with his performances during the fall season. It was really nice to see him come into his own and play so well."
Blake, a junior (third year) student at the University which is based at Waterbury, Connecticutt, finished the autumn segment of the US college golf season with four top five finishes and five in the top 10.
The Scot is ranked fifth in the US Division 2 colleges golf statistics, nationwide, for par-3 scoring, after being at one point ranked first.
Blake saved his best for last when he spearhead Post University - The Eagles - to victory in the New England championship and came second in the individual standings.
"Jamie is a mature individual and accepts responsibility and will be a good leader of this team. I'm hoping his leadership will help this team reach the next level which would be competing for a national championship next spring," Stevens added.
There are three Scots on the Post University golf roster and they are all six-footers!
Jamie Blake is 6ft 2in, David McGregor from Helensburgh is 6ft 2in also, and Gavin Wilson from Fife is a "mere" 6ft 1in.
McGregor was the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference rookie of the year and also player of the year for the 2007-2008 college golf season.
+Jamie Blake is not the first Scot to be appointed captain of a US college golf team. Gemma Webster is captain of the Ohio State University women's team.