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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pro golfer doesn't have to give up

education - Michelle Wie

FROM THE Khaleej Times Online SPORTS
By Jai Prasad V Rai
DUBAI — When it comes to becoming the master of all, learn it from golf star Michelle Wie. Amidst her busy schedule playing golf, she managed to excel in her education as well.
Wie, after covering a 16-hour non-stop journey to reach Dubai to participate in the Dubai Ladies Masters, took whatever possible time off to study for her exams during the breaks.
Her efforts paid off when she cleared her stats exams at the Stanford University, California (Tiger Woods' alma mater) with a distinction.
When she checked her results her excitement knew no bound as she posted a message on Twitter early on Thursday morning expressing her excitement.
The message read, ‘I just found out my score for my stats final exam! And I passed!!! I got a 113/120!!!!! Wooooooooooooooooooooooot.’
Wie is a Facebook and Twitter freak since she felt that this was the best place to express oneself.
“It’s a cool way because when you have interviews and stuff like that, sometimes you feel like your word is not always your word. So I feel like just if I have something to say which comes straight from me to my fans it will really connect me closer to them.
“And hopefully I can increase that and make it better.”
Considering her commendable performance on day one to finish tied third, her effort of scoring a distinction was indeed very inspirational. She believed that if one wanted to achieve something it was certainly possible however tough it was.
“I do believe that education is one of the most important things.
“I believed in that ever since I started playing golf and before even I started playing golf.
“I just don’t think that even if you become a professional athlete that you have to give up your education.
“Hopefully I can send that message out there that you can do both, you can go to school and you can come out here,” the 20-year-old said.
Immediately after the day’s play she used to rush back to her room and also sacrifice on her sleep to concentrate hard on her studies.
She is certainly very happy that all her sacrifices paid off. Probably her result had an effect on her performance too as she finished second on day two behind In-Kyung Kim.
But she has to still wait for the big celebration since with an exam on communications on Friday as well as the Ladies Master title at stake.
Way to go Wie!