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Friday, February 20, 2009

Meet the original Milky Bar

Kid as he is today ... living

at Hacienda del Alamo

Golf Resort in Spain

Here's your starter for 10. What is the link between the Hacienda del Alamo Women's Winter Festival and The Milky Bar Kid?
Answer: The original boy actor who played The Milky Bar Kid in the television commercial in the 1960s was Terry Brooks ... and he has a villa at the five-star Hacienda del Alamo Golf Resort.
I was introduced to Terry during the 2nd Hacienda del Alamo Women's Winter Festival by Director of Golf Billy Sim in the palatial resort golf clubhouse.
And this is the picture I took of The Milky Bar Kid as he looks today. Pity I can't display Terry as he was in the 1960s. But those of you of my vintage will remember him.
Apparently, he went into the building business once he grew too old to be The Milky Bar Kid.
The Milkybar Kid has been used in television advertising promoting Nestlé Milkybar in the countries where it is sold. The Milkybar Kid is a blonde, spectacle-wearing young boy, usually dressed as a cowboy, whose catch phrase is "The Milkybars are on me!". The advertisements usually take place in a Wild West setting. Both live-action and animated ads have been produced. In the UK and Australia the advertisements were originally accompanied by a jingle extolling "the goodness that's in Milky Bar."
In more recent revivals of the campaign, probably due to tighter advertising regulations, the jingle has been revised to refer to "the good taste that's in Milkybar". The pronunciation of the company's name has also changed from "nessul" to the more correct "ness-lay".
The Milkybar Kid made his debut in 1961 and has been played by a number of actors down through the years. Sam Dolan is the incumbent.