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Friday, June 13, 2008

North Berwick scoreboard

North Berwick Golf Club.

C Hedwall (Swe) bt N Kitching (Claremorris) 2 and 1.
E Ogilvy (Auchterarder) bt H Jenkins (Cradoc) 2 and 1.
M Kotnik (Austria) bt K Smith (Waterlooville) 2 and 1.
J Ewart (Catterick) bt V Sternebeck (Ger) 2 and 1.

B Loucks (Wrexham) bt L Nicholson (Haddington) 1 hole.
C Boeljon (Net) bt F Parker (Royal Birkdale) 1 hole.
M-A Leblanc (Can) bt J Pease (Braintree) 2 and 1.
C Booth (Comrie) bt S Kirchmayr (Ger) 4 and 2.

N Holleder (Ger) bt T Davies (Holyhead) 3 and 2.
I Boineau (Fra) bt H Aitchison (Bedfordshire) 2 and 1.
J Kirby (Can) t T Cuningham (SAf) 4 and 2.
V Derrey (Fra) vbt M Ricordeau (Fra) 5 and 3.

K Meixner (Can) bt M Silva (Spa) 2 and 1.
M Thomson (McDonald Ellon) bt D Smith (Co Louth) 2 and 1.
J Hedwall (Swe) bt K MacDonald (Nairn Dunbar) at 19th
R Wyn Thomas (Vale of Glamorgan) bt T Karle (US) 2 and 1.

C Lennarth (Swe) bt E Givens (Blackwell Grange) 6 and 4.
P Pretswell (Bothwell Castle) bt P Halbig (Ger) 2 and 1.
S Hassan (Vale of Glamorgan) bt M Nivard (Net) 1 hole.
R Niven (Crieff) bt A Lucie (Fra) 2 and 1.

B Genuini (Fra) bt H Burke (Mid Herts) 4 and 3.
S Endstrasser (Aut) bt P Lingdberg (Swe) 3 and 2.
A Goodman (US) bt R Connor (Manchester) 1 hole.
A Munoz (Spa) bt M Prat (Spa) 3 and 2.

A Nordqvist (Swe) bt C Aitken (Mid Kent) 5 and 3.
K Walker (Buchanan Castle) bt S Juneau (Can) 5 and 4.
H Ralph (Cowdray Park) bt C Gugler (Aut) 2 and 1.
B Mozo (Spa) bt R Jennings (Izaak Walton) at 19th.

G Molinaro (Ita) bt A Decharne (Fra) 1 hole.
C Masson (Ger) bt Kristie Smith (Aus) 1 hole.
N Edwards (Ganton) bt K Caithness (St Regulus) 3 and 1.
M Hernandez (Spa) bt L Stempfle (Ger) at 19th.

C Hedwall bt Ogilvy 2 and 1l.
Ewart bt Kotnik 3 and 2.
Bloucks bt Boeljon 1 hole.
Leblanc bt Booth 1 hole.

Boineau bt Holleder 1 hole.
Derrey bt Kirby 2 and 1.
Meixner bt Thomson at 20th.
J Hedwall bt Wyn Thomas 2 holes.

Pretswell bt Lennarth at 20th.
Niven bt Hassan 2 and 1.
Endstrasser bt Genuini 3 and 1.
Munoz bt Goodman 2 and 1.

Nordqvist bt Walker 3 and 2.
Ralph bt Mozo 3 and 2.
Masson bt Molinaro 4 and 3.
Hernandez bt Edwards 5 and 4.