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Friday, September 26, 2008

Diane Lang wins US senior title
for third year in a row

Diane Lang has won the United States Senior Women’s Amateur championship for the third time in four years.
The Jamaican-born 53-year-old, who lives in Weston, Florida, beat Toni Wiesner by 6 and 5 in the 18-hole final at Tulsa Country Club, Oklahoma.
Diane also won the 2005 and 2006 tournaments. She is the sixth player to win the event three or more times.
Lang won five consecutive holes to take a six-hole lead after 10 holes and ended it with a 16-foot par putt on the 13th hole.
“I’m really, really happy,” Lang said. “This is my most special one. This makes all the hard work worthwhile. I put in a lot of sweat and tears over the last year to get my name on that trophy again. For a little girl from Jamaica, that ain’t half bad.”]
The 61-year-old Wiesner, from Fort Worth, was trying to become the first left-handed female USGA champion. She also lost the 1997 and 2000 finals.“I don’t seem to be able to put it together in the final,” Wiesner said. “Maybe I put too much pressure on myself. I just couldn’t get it off the tee today. My tee shots killed me. I feel like I have done a lot. This would have just been icing on the cake.”
Final results from the USGA Senior Women’s Amateur, played Sept. 20-25 at the par-71, 5,760-yard Tulsa Country Club:
Diane Lang bt Toni Wiesner 6 and 5.
Toni Wiesner bt Carolyn Creekmore 2 and 1
Diane Lang bt Claudia Pilot 2 holes.
Carolyn Creekmore bt Carol Semple Thompson 7 and 6.
Toni Wiesner bt Boodie McGurn 3 and 2.
Diane Lang bt Joan Higgns 3 and 2
Claudia Pilot bt Tanna Lee Richard at 19th.
Carolyn Creekmore bt Jackie Little 2 and 1
Carol Semple Thompson bt Susan Dekalb 7 and 5.
Toni Wiesner bt Maggie Scott 1 hole.
Boodie McGurn bt Deby Anderson 2 and 1
Joan Higgins bt Anne Carr 4 and 3.
Diane Lang bt Robyn Puckett 1 hole.
Tanna Lee Richard bt Noreen Mohler 1 hole.
Claudia Pilot bt Terry Ehrhardt 3 and 2
Carolyn Creekmore bt Patty Moore 1 hole.
Jackie Little bt Sandy Woodruff 3 and 2
Susan Dekalb bt Marianne Towersey 3 and 2
Carol Semple Thompson bt Kate Grace 4 and 3
Toni Wiesner bt Maggie Weder 2 and 1
Maggie Scott bt Ann Lahey 4 and 2
Boodie McGurn bt Patricia Cornett 3 and 2
Deby Anderson bt Barbara Israel 4 and 3
Joan Higgns bt Rita Albertson 6 and 5
Anne Carr bt Joan Garety 2 hole
Robyn Puckett bt Jan Phillips at 19th.
Diane Lang bt Barbara Byrnes 3 and 2
Noreen Mohler bt Alison Reifers 1 hole.
Tanna Lee Richard bt Ivy Steinberg 1 hole.
Terry Ehrhardt bt Mimi Hoffman 5 and 4
Claudia Pilot bt Sherry Herman 3 and 2