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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New Right of Way has been found in St Andrews

Historic Scotland have announced that a Right of Way, originally used by the fishermen of St Andrews between the West Sands and the centre of the town, has been found, and that preparations to restore it are underway.
The discovery was made when ancient records were uncovered by staff at the University of St Andrews, during the Library building's refurbishment which is taking place this year.
The Right of Way was well used in the 15th and 16th centuries but fell into disuse when the harbour near the castle was built. A spokesperson for the St Andrews University Library Special Collections Unit said "We were amazed to discover that this Right of Way existed, but the documents we found conclusively prove that the fishermen used this path to bring their catch from the shore up to Market Street. Although it has not been used for several centuries, we understand from the Land Registry of Scotland that the Right of Way is still in force and can be used by the general public"
The Royal and Ancient Golf club of St Andrews, whose clubhouse straddles the path, are making plans to build a tunnel under the building to allow pedestrians to use the Right of Way.
A spokesperson from the The Ramblers Association said that they welcomed the new path and the initiative of the R&A. An announcement for the re-opening of the path is expected next year.
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