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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The new SLGA Board. Back row (left to right): Gillian Kirkwood, Beth Paterson, Helen Cuthbertson. 2nd back row: Fiona Cowan, Liz Miskimmin, Sheila Pickles. 2nd front row: Lynne Terry, Winifred McCallum. front row: Janet Wake (executive director), Shona Malcolm (chairman), Ethel Jack (president). Missing from the picture is: Jenny McGahan (SLGA representative on LGU).

Report of SLGA annual general meeting

Over 150 people attended the Scottish Ladies Golfing Association Ltd. Annual General Meeting at the Dewar’s Centre in Perth on Saturday.
The deaths of two SLGA Vice-Presidents, Miss K. Clark and Mrs T. Moffat, were acknowledged by the audience with a minute’s silence.
The out-going Chairman, Mrs Patricia Wilson, gave a full and informative account of the 2008 season. The Finance Director, Dr Lynne Terry, expertly explained the accounts and Mrs Gillian Kirkwood informed the audience of the Ladies Golf Union activities over the last year.
Mrs Nancy Chisholm, a past President of SLGA and past Chairman of the LGU, was elected as a Vice-President of the Association.
Mrs Pamela Mackenzie retired from the Board and Mrs Fiona Cowan was elected in her place.
Two small changes to the LGU constitution regarding the appointment of representatives to the LGU Council were approved.
Approval was also given for the increase in the per capita subscription from £13 to £14 per annum from January 1, 2010.
Changes to the board structure of SLGA Ltd were initiated at this meeting, and Miss Shona Malcolm, a past Honorary Treasurer of the Association, was appointed as Chairman for a three year term of office.
Miss Malcolm explained to the audience the current progress with One Plan for Golf and the Scottish Golf Development initiative. In particular she described the relationship between the SLGA and SGU, and our joint plans for the future.
After the meeting the SLGA Board met and appointed Mrs Janet Wake as Executive Director and Chairman of the Management Committee.
The Management Committee comprises Mrs Janet Wake, Dr Lynne Terry (Finance Director), Dr Sheila Hartley (Company Secretary), Miss Shona Malcolm (Chairman, SLGA Ltd) and Mrs Helen Cuthbertson (Board representative).
Mrs Fiona Cowan was appointed Chairman of the Championship Committee, whose membership includes the Tournament Officer, Mrs Fiona Farquharson, Mrs Janet Brown (Rules) and representatives from the four divisions.
Mrs Beth Paterson was appointed Chairman of the Performance Committee. The Performance Committee is made up of three panels, viz. Selection, chaired by Miss Liz Miskimmin, Training, chaired by Mrs Winifred McCallum, and Development, Chaired by Mrs Sheila Pickles.