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Monday, March 09, 2009

Sorenstam challenges Tiger to

television charity showdown

While she was playing, Annika Sorenstam let her sticks do the talking, but now that she's "stepped away" from the game, she's running her mouth, sort of. Appearing as a guest speaker at the SMU Athletic Forum in Dallas, Sorenstam challenged her buddy Tiger Woods to a one-on-one, handicap-adjusted, televised showdown.
"If it's for a good cause, a good charity and it's good for golf, then I'm in," she said. "I haven't been playing much and he's probably in peak shape, so I would need a couple of months to get ready. Then I'd love to play him."
But she didn't leave it at that, saying that Woods has dodged her challenges before, including one for a pull-up throwdown. So far, Woods has not responded, but since both players are represented by IMG's Mark Steinberg, if there's any real interest in a match, it should be easy to set up.
Other than that, Sorenstam's enjoying her retirement, although she hasn't totally got away from the game. "I'm surprised," she said, "at how much I've watched on TV."

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