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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kingussie's cluster of long-reigning champions

Continuing our "series" about men and women who have been multi-winners of their club champions.
Here's an E-mail from Ian Chadburn, secretary of Kingussie Golf Club.

There are in fact three major champions here at Kingussie

Ladies - Maggie Lawson - Champion 16 times on the trot from 1987 - 2002 & again in 2006
Men - John Gunn - Champion - 1954; 1959 - 1961; then 17 times on the trot from 1963 - 1980; 1982 - 1985 & finally 1988 / 89
Norman MacWilliam - 1981; 1986 / 87; 1993; then 9 on the trot 1995 - 2003; and to date 2007. Norman also holds the par 67 course record of 60 gained in the Kingussie Open 2001

Ian Chadburn
Kingussie Golf Club

PS from Colin Farquharson: Kingussie the village/town (I've not been there for a number of years and it is probably a lot bigger than I remember it) is, of course, a hotbed of shinty and I've heard it said that most shinty players who play golf, play it left-handed. Someone once told me that Kingussie Golf Club must have more left-handers in its membership that any other golf club in Scotland/anywhere. Perhaps Ian Chadburn can confirm this?
Quick reply from Ian Chadburn:
That information I do not have but as you note there are a good number and I would say all male.


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