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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pat Shepherd (30 in a row) has been

Turriff ladies champion 33 times

Turriff Golf Club has confirmed that Pat Shepherd won its ladies' club champion 30 years in a row (from 1959 to 1988) before her record run was ended by Janice Florence.
Pat, the daughter of the late Turriff club professional David Shepherd, regain the title in 1990 and won it again in 1992.
Her last Turriff club championship triumph - the 33rd - was in the year 2000.
That means that Pat won her club title in SIX different decades - from the 1950s through to the 200s.
So that's the benchmark now (a) consecutive club titles, (b) total number of club titles, and (c) winning in different decades.
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+We would like to display a picture of Pat but don't have one on our files. If Pat or one of her friends reads this and can help out in that direction, E-mail it to the above address. Thanks